As a La Verdad Christian College Student

When I was a minor, I am very puzzled and perplexed about college. My viewpoint before was : College is exclusively for affluent and well-heeled people. It is intricate, wild , has full of pleasure and I will be anxiously surrounded by dangerous and vicious community. So, I had some dilemma in searching for a systematize yet inexpensive institution that will be favorable and beneficial to me and to my parents.

While reminiscing my Highschool days , I have been influenced by worldly deeds. I became a computer game addict and I never give impotance to my studies. I was very competitive in ungood way. Then after 2 years in Highschool, I transferred to another school. I have been bullied before and they are keep telling that “Taga-Maynila yan. Masama ang ugali niyan” which is false and it really broke my heart. From that very moment, I never had a friend. I am alone and feels like “Im in an island with no one else”. And that’s the time that I became uninterested in attending school.

So now, its a new life. 

And I believe “Its a new beginning”

After how many months of searching an ideal school for college, I found an institution that offers a FULL SCHOLARSHIP (regardless your final average in highschool), it is La Verdad Christian College or Ang Katotohanan in Filipino translation. That has been founded by Brother Eliseo Soriano , Mr.Public Service- Kuya Daniel Razon and with the full support of Members Church of God International.

It is a non-secretarian Institution that offers FREE TUITION, FREE LUNCH, FREE BOOKS, FREE UNIFORM, NO MISCELLANEOUS FEES and FREE DORMITORY for those who cannot afford the rentals and also those who came from Visayas and Mindanao Region. All you have to do is to “study hard” and to maintain a grade of 2.25 and above.

While studying in La Verdad, I feel very warm and they are very welcoming. I feel their love and care. I got new friends and family. They taught us to be a responsible, good and God fearing students. They taught us how to be more productive and humorous. And  lastly, they taught us how to value God. 


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