by : Christelle Angela Canlas

Poetry for me is a written form of feelings and emotions that unconsciously derived from heart and mind. It is a form of words that occurs when you feel the anger, joy, sorrows and hurtful circumstances. Poetry has no constraint and limitations. You are free to shed your tears , to laugh out loud and to show your romantic side through writing. In poetry, you can exercise your hidden creativity, your wittiness and your sensibility. You will learn how to measure and to estimate the words through your senses as well as in relating it to our lives. Poetry taught me to be an artist. Artist in a way that it creates colorful and imaginative situations. Its goal is to inspire and encourage the readers and co-poem writers to be more productive and to be God fearing through an honest and straightforward statements. Well maybe some of you thought that being a prosperous Poet is having a degree or profession, then you’re wrong. As much as you have the eagerness to learn and to write, you can also be a Poet. Well for me as a writer , your experiences can embolden you to write from the bottom of your heart. And through your moxies, I believe you’ve erudite and learned much from it.Where you can impart and relate it to your compositions. Before making conclusions that being a Poet is burdensome , you must try to write first. Yes, the starting point is always the hardest but don’t cease easily. Composing your own poem can also motivate someone and be an instrument for them to be hopeful and to survive.

PS: “You cannot please everyone through your compositions and there are times that you would hear negative comments and bashes about it . It does not matter as much as you wrote it whole-heartedly 🙂 . Atleast you try 🙂 )

Here are some of my compositions. I hope you’ll like it


(This poem was composed last Summer. It was rejected and I failed to meet my teacher’s expectations..But atleast I tried. Right? )


(GOD OF ALL was composed last year for our project in NEWS WRITING’S Literacy Part. Its very long, so they dont included this on the NewsPaper. How sad right ? 🙂 ) But Im still glad for He let me try to compose something for Him 🙂 )


(MY was composed two years ago. And I am so blessed for giving me a man who’s very kind and God fearing. Oh! before I forgot, this is already a song 🙂 )


 (GUILT was composed 3 years ago. As a youth, I also experienced to fall in love and to be broken. As I was said, I write a poem, whenever I feel sad,glad, disappointments, etc.)


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