“Environmental Issues”

Haiyan Causes
By:  Christelle Angela Z. Canlas
It is significant to perceive the environmental controversy in Philippines that existed before the typhoon “Haiyan” and how it worsened the destruction of the typhoon. Typhoon Haiyan, noted as Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, was one of the strongest and deadliest tropical cyclones ever recorded, which ravage sections of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, last November 8, 2013.
Deforestation and its consequences is the most crucial ecological nuisance in the Philippines. Because the land was lost so much in its forest, it cannot absorb the rains and winds from storms like Haiyan that causes substantial flooding and landslides.
Most of the victims and sufferers of such flood are the indigent people, farm workers and urban destitutes. They live on river banks at the foot of the mountainous areas and in cramp towns. Areas in the foot of the mountains especially those who are near rivers, are in distressed of being buried in mud and logs.
The Philippine government has no adequate systems and arrangements in location and sections to create decent housing for thousands of inhabitant living along borders and other endangered zones. They neglect the probable effects of global warming. It is a very serious problem in distinction to the excessive logging and mining that has been happening in Philippines for centuries.
Since the 1960’s, US and other corporations in the Philppine partners expanded the fishing, logging, mining and plantations for export and trading. Eradication was executed without considering the ecological balance and the social cause
US and Philippine government policies assimilate operations that magnify the negative impacts of natural disasters. Addressing environmental issues in the Philippines, like deforestation and mining, are fundamental in minimizing destruction in these types of storms.
One other angle of super typhoon which many is addressing is the liability and responsibility of first world country for being the primary contributors to greenhouse gasses, global warming and over the climate change. So, all of these have to make a real substantial change and action.

By: Christelle Angela Z. Canlas


Solitary earth, habitat and single chance
Our own choice, actions and decisions  alone
Once a species that cared about its home, his provider
It was once perfect, peaceful, and majestic
Species are fast in growing but slow in maturing
It was once perfect, peaceful, and majestic
Human race their environment
A period of ignorance and neglects

By: Christelle Angela Z. Canlas
Gasping for breath in an unknown wilderness
Trembling to catch a thin air
Down the horizon, the clear wind disappears
The once white clouds , now shed black tears
Tears from the sky run down to the ocean
Where in its vastness cries for grief
The reflection of the sun, dim and stiff
Once free flowing, now devoured by filthy stench
Stenched by widespread contamination
Blossoming tress, flowers, hindered
Life losts its nourishing campassion
The once abundant field, now deserted
Where is the once blue sky?
What happened to the seas and rivers?
Why does the land is dry?
Known but ignored, change is the answer

By: Christelle Angela Z. Canlas
I was once a tress, once a plant
A tiny little greeny shrub
From the seed I grew and came from God
With the help of air, water and the sun
Fertizers  are used as the sub
So I grow finely as a bob
Excitedly ripped by the mob
Forests and mountains are being scrubbed
Must file a case for justice
For forests became destructive and aquatic
How poor is my country and civic?
I must be prioritized by the critics!